Principle of cogeneration

Cogeneration consists of burning a fuel to simultaneously produce electricity and heat. In fact, the engine powers a generator producing electricity which will be injected into the public network or consumed locally. The heat from the engine cooling circuits and exhaust gases is recovered to power activities using external heat (livestock buildings, housing, industries, methanization processes, etc.).

micro-cogeneration solution

Bi’gen is our compact micro-cogeneration solution. It is equipped with the latest and best technologies on the market. Bi’gen operates with natural gas, LPG, as well as with different types of biogas (biogas from agricultural waste, biogas from municipal waste, biogas from industrial waste and biogas from sludge/wastewater).

Gas engine


Cooling system

Motor control cabinet

Bi’gen plus is our most complete micro cogeneration solution. This is the containerized version of Bi’gen which offers several additional advantages.

La flexibilité de notre bureau d'étude nous permet de proposer une panoplie de solutions de micro cogénération personnalisées qui peuvent inclure des différentes options:

Bi'gen plus
containerized micro-CHP solution

Biogas booster

Hot water circuit

Extraction and ventilation system

Gas detector

Automatic flare

Gas treatment equipment

The advantages of Bi'gen

Compact solution

Quick installation

Automatic operation

Remote monitoring and intervention

Electric power range from 18 to 80 Kwe

Customized solution

Fast connection to the distribution network

Option to provide a fully enclosed noise-proof hood

Operation in island mode or connected to the public grid

The gases treated by Bi'gen

Natural gas
Natural gas
Landfill gas
Landfill gas
Mine gas
Mine gas
Flare gas
Flare gas