Dry Fermentation

Bi’dry is a garage-type anaerobic digestion solution designed for dry batch digestion. It's tailored to process organic wastes with high dry matter content (over 25%). Bi’dry is a modular, efficient system resistant to contaminants, dedicated to biogas production from solid residues.


Wet Fermentation

Bi’wet operates based on continuous mixed anaerobic digestion, tailored for processing liquid organic waste (TS < 12%). This process not only facilitates biogas production as a renewable energy source and revenue stream but also yields high-quality organic amendment. The resulting digestate is less odorous and more easily assimilated compared to raw livestock effluents. < 12%) which allows not only the production of biogas, a source of renewable energy and income, but also the obtaining of a high quality organic amendment, less odorous and better assimilated than raw livestock effluent: digestate .


Bi'gen | Bi'gen plus

Small and Medium Power

Bi'nergy has engineered its own range of CHP units, leveraging state-of-the-art technology, and collaborating with renowned manufacturers such as MAN and Toyota, specifically targeting small and medium power requirements. These cogeneration units are distinguished by their robust design, optimal performance, and outstanding reliability. As a result, maintenance costs are significantly minimized, setting a new standard in the industry.